There are many ways to enjoy cheese — one of the most beloved foods worldwide — in all of its varieties. So, why not get together with friends and family and enjoy a meal that not even the pickiest eaters can resist. June 4th is National Cheese Day, and we think the very best way to celebrate is with an incredible Italian pasta recipe loaded with cheesy goodness.

After all, from weeknight dinners to special occasions, cheesy meals are always a hit! When preparing meals for the family that would make Nonna proud, trust your intuition and Olivieri®‌ to make it happen! 

This guide will walk you through different cheeses and how to use them to make simple yet satisfying recipes! 

Indulgent Recipes with Different Cheeses 

Breakfast Skillet Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Pesto

Cheddar Cheese Recipes

Let’s begin with one of the most popular varieties worldwide: Cheddar. Because it melts well and packs a ton of flavour, this hard cheese has found its way onto burgers, sandwich melts, and in macaroni and cheese. Though Olivieri® Fresh Cheddar Bacon Skillet Gnocchi needs minimal seasoning, a meal like Breakfast Skillet Gnocchi Mushrooms and Pesto is loaded with strong yet balanced flavours —from zesty pesto to earthy mushrooms. Or, take Cheddar south of the border with some Tex-Mex favourites! After all, Cheddar is a staple of a shredded Mexican cheese blend mix for a good reason, from gooey queso dip to loaded Gnocchi Skillet Nachos.

Love gnocchi as much as we do? Take a look at these easy gnocchi recipes.

Flavour Tip: Matured Cheddar – or sharp Cheddar – has an even more pronounced flavour

Storage Tip: Cheddar should last about a month in the fridge when appropriately wrapped.

Gnocchi Pizza Bites

Mozzarella Cheese Recipes

Silky smooth with subtle flavour, mozzarella is another good melting cheese. Fresh mozzarella cheese should be kept in the brine — or liquid — and served at room temperature. To ensure that you’re enjoying mozzarella at its best, pair it with ingredients that have bold profiles: 

Tomato: Marinara, like our Olivieri® Chunky Tomato & Herb Sauce, can be used with pasta, as a chunky spread or as a dip. With these  Gnocchi Pizza Bites, little fingers can dip away, and parents can rest assured that each bite is packed with protein – and plenty of flavours! Or, keep mealtime simple with Olivieri® Tomato Mozzarella Skillet Gnocchi; after all, no family can resist this classic pairing

Basil: The mild taste and creamy texture of this cheese mix well with solid herbs, like in a classic Caprese pairing! With a spread of zesty Olivieri® Basil & Cheese Pesto, our Fresh Mozzarella & Tomato Crostini is an ideal app for any occasion – from birthdays to holidays! 

Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella Crostini
Fresh Mozzarella & Tomato Crostini

Emmental Cheese Recipes

A semi-hard cheese that is both nutty and buttery, Emmental is what most people refer to as Swiss cheese. It pairs well with salty meats – ham, pork, or beef – and acidic fruits like apples or pears. Are you looking for a simple way to get the whole family to eat more vegetables? Our Olivieri® Cauliflower and French Emmental Cheese Skillet Gnocchi should do the trick!

Parmesan Recipes

For a variety that is a bit bolder, pick Parmesan. Moreover, the flavour deepens as it ages. So with Olivieri® Prosciutto with Aged Parmesan Reggiano Tortelloni, you can expect the nutty notes in the cheese to complement the savoury prosciutto perfectly. 

Not only is Parmesan a common topping for pasta and salads, but it’s also the key ingredient for a classic creamy white sauce. No one around the table will be able to resist our Classic Alfredo Sauce or Herb Alfredo; plate it with grilled chicken or shrimp for a quick and easy weeknight dinner! 

Mascarpone Recipes

Silky and spreadable, mascarpone is a versatile cheese similar to Ricotta or cream cheese. It’s sweet enough for desserts like tiramisu, but mascarpone also carries an acidity that makes it suitable for savoury dishes. 

Butternut Squash Ravioli with Brown Butter and Sage

For a decadent meal ready in just 3 minutes, reach for a bag of Olivieri Artisan® Butternut Squash and Creamy Mascarpone Ravioli. Jam-packed with fall flavours, this sweet pasta steals the show. Plus, with ravioli this flavourful, you don’t need much else on the plate! No matter the season, you can fill your house with autumn aromas with our Butternut Squash Ravioli with Brown Butter and Sage.  

Ricotta Cheese Recipes

Ricotta is another tangy Italian cheese that can be enjoyed during dinner or for dessert. The name Ricotta, meaning recooked, is quite fitting as it is a by-product of leftover whey from other cheeses. Whether it’s dolloped on top of crispy gnocchi or layered in an Old Fashioned Lasagna, Ricotta will zest up any recipe

Its grainy yet fluffy texture makes it ideal for stuffing pasta and vegetables. In fact, why not sneak some extra veggies into your family’s diet? We mix fresh spinach leaves with Ricotta to bring you not one but two flavourful-filled kinds of pasta! Choose between Olivieri® Fresh Ricotta & Spinach Cannelloni and Olivieri® Fresh Ricotta & Spinach Ravioli

Blue Cheese Recipes

Are you feeling blue? For a tangy flavour and crumbled texture to complement the creamy Olivieri® Herb Alfredo sauce, whip up a simple 15-minute family favourite Alfredo Gnocchi with Crumbled Blue Cheese – for satisfied smiles all around! 

Cheese Filled Skillet Gnocchi with Lemon, Ricotta and Asparagus

Cheese Blends

Just how cheesy do you and your family want to get? We did the leg work by perfecting some cheese combinations; all you have to do is find out which variety your family prefers!  

3 Cheese

WIth a blend of ricotta, Romano and Parmigiano Reggiano, Olivieri® 3 Formaggi Tortellini is a cheese lover’s dream! Want more colourful cuisine? Enriched with spinach and tomatoes, our 3 Formaggi Rainbow Tortellini will keep everyone around the table happy.  

Try another tempting cheese trio – Emmental, mozzarella and Comté – packed in our pillowy soft Real Cheese Filled Skillet Gnocchi with some peppery baby arugula, crunchy walnuts, and – why not? – a little more fresh mozzarella. Our 10-minute Skillet Gnocchi Salad With Walnuts can be served as a balanced meal or as a tasty app to whet everyone’s appetite. 

4 Formaggi

You’ve got a cheesy dinner up your sleeve when you have Olivieri® 4 Formaggi Manicotti stocked in your fridge! Make a mouthwatering meal with Ricotta, mozzarella, Romano and fontina all rolled up into fresh manicotti (Italian for little sleeves)!  

7 Cheeses

There’s no such thing as too much cheese, and nothing proves that’s true like Olivieri® 7 Cheese Rainbow Tortellini: A unique selection of 7 kinds of cheese, including Ricotta, Swiss, Parmesan, mozzarella, provolone, asiago and fontina, it’s a colourful cheesy treat you’re craving

Count on Olivieri® to simplify mealtime; with our vast selection of fresh pasta, gnocchi, and sauces, you and your family are just minutes away from a satisfying cheesy dinner!