Olivieri® Classic Alfredo Sauce

Explore the taste of authentic Italian pasta sauces starting with Olivieri® Classic Alfredo Sauce. This rich and creamy sauce is made with 100% Canadian cream and the perfect addition to any of your favourite recipes.

Pair with any fresh pasta cut, stuffed cannelloni, or use to layer lasagna. Also, try it as a cooking sauce next time you prepare chicken or turkey for extra indulgence. Our fresh Alfredo sauce will take any fish or vegetable dish from ordinary to extraordinary, for a simple yet elegant meal all at the same time.

Heat either in the microwave 3-4 minutes or stovetop and store in the fridge or freezer. Try Olivieri® Vodka Sauce for another convenient and lusciously creamy Italian-style sauce. Check out: what is gnocchi for even more great dinner ideas.

Available Sizes

300 ml

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