Looking for winter dinner ideas? When it’s cold outside, where better to be than inside the house, where it’s warm, and around the dinner table with the whole family? Once everyone’s seated, the question is, how can you bring an extra warm and satisfying treat to everyone’s taste buds? 

That’s where Olivieri® can help. Truth be told, there’s more than just one simple answer; there are various options. Join us as we journey into some of the best warm bites for winter nights, from Italian-inspired dishes like traditional lasagna to Canadian classics like our beloved poutine. 

Winter Dinner Ideas 

When everyone’s stepped in from the cold outside, nothing’s more comforting than a warm and hearty meal that’s served with a harmonious balance of rich tastes and textures. When it comes to Italian-inspired winter dinner ideas, few hit the spot quite as well as lasagna. 

Warm and Crisp Lasagna 

Lasagna during the winter has an extra-comforting effect. Just imagine it when it’s fresh, out-of-the-oven, warm, and crisp on top with a golden and slightly browning tinge of colour, letting us know it’s ready to eat. 

There are different Lasagna Recipes that cater to different dietary preferences, from those made in the classic style to modern vegetarian lasagna made with zucchini. Only you can decide which one is best for you and your family. Either way, you can up your lasagna game by learning how to make the perfect lasagna with Olivieri®.

How to Layer Lasagna

  • Start with a layer of sauce.
  • Add a layer of cooked pasta.
  • Spread a generous helping of cheese and filling.
  • Repeat the layers.
  • Finish with a layer of cheese on top for that perfect golden crust.

Quick Tips:

  • Allow the lasagna to rest before serving for better slicing.
  • Experiment with vegetarian or seafood versions for variety.

Winter Salad Recipes

Although we usually think of salads as cool and refreshing dishes to enjoy on summer evenings, they are far more versatile than we may assume. By adding some warm ingredients to those salad greens, you can turn such dishes from summer sensations into winter warmers. So, let’s take a look at some winter salad recipes. 

An ideal way to turn your salad into a warm and comforting meal is by adding some fresh gnocchi. This Cheese Gnocchi with Bacon and Brussels Sprouts is a dazzlingly delicious example of that, as well as one that’s easy to make. 

But it’s not only gnocchi that brings warmth to your greens. You can also pair some fresh and herbaceous ingredients with a tasty filled pasta, as in this Tasty Tuscan Tortellini Salad. With this dish, you can transport the comforting tastes and textures of Tuscan cuisine straight to your home. 

Tasty Tuscan Tortellini Salad

Winter Soup Recipes

On winter evenings, there are few things as satisfying as coming home to a warm and flavourful soup. That’s why knowing some winter soup recipes is an opportunity not to be missed. One Italian-inspired, nostalgic classic is this Mama’s Tortellini Soup, with chicken or beef broth, herbs and greens, and pasta filled with a creamy blend of three cheeses.

Mama’s Tortellini Soup

Top Tips for Making Soup:

  • Let the flavours meld by simmering.
  • Use a variety of fresh vegetables.
  • Don’t forget a pinch of fresh herbs for that homemade touch.

Canadian Classics

When’s the best time of year to enjoy a good old poutine? Any excuse will do, but enjoying this Canadian classic is a sure way to stay warm, cozy, and content on dark and cold evenings. You can prepare a Poutine recipe with an Italian-inspired twist in this Skillet Gnocchi Poutine dish, a delicious plate of warm bites for winter nights.

Skillet Gnocchi Poutine

Or how about making it fun for the little ones? Just swap out traditional gnocchi for Olivieri®’s new family-friendly Gnocchi Stix and serve up this Gnocchi Stix Poutine

For another comforting Italian-Canadian fusion dish, one that’s elegant in appearance and will have you licking your lips at first sight, try this Braised Beef au jus Ravioli, Mushrooms, Maple Syrup and Québec Cheese Curds. Hungry yet?

Comforting Dishes to Enjoy Together

Sometimes on a winter night, you just want to relax on the sofa, have a plate of tasty snacks in front of you, and enjoy a dish together with everyone. That’s why nachos are often a family favourite. But, by switching out the chips for fresh gnocchi, you can prepare these Gnocchi Skillet Nachos.

Gnocchi Skillet Nachos

Last but not least, you may want to consider another gnocchi innovation with this Skillet Gnocchi Stix with Bolognese. Use the sticks for dipping and scooping up the meat and sauce, then let your taste buds dance in delight.

For more meal inspiration and family dinner ideas, stay tuned to Olivieri® by dropping by our kitchen