Canada Day is upon us again! Wondering what to do? Let us help you! Since it’s a day of national celebration, you may as well make the most of it. Celebrate by cooking something special for yourself, but also for your friends and loved ones. What brings people together for a celebratory atmosphere more than a special meal?

So what’s the best thing to cook for Canada Day? The answer is up to you, but the ideas are up to us. Let us guide you through our recipe ideas that come with their own, proud Canadian ingredients. We’ll start with poutine, but with a twist, before delving into Quebec’s finest fusion foods, Canadian bacon dishes, and more. Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Make Poutine – Canada’s National Dish

What could make you more proud to be a Canadian than our national dish? We’ve all enjoyed a good old Canadian poutine before, but have you ever tried it like this? Say hello to our reimagined, revamped, and reinvented poutine recipe, otherwise known as Skillet Gnocchi Poutine

Swap out the fries for some chewy, tasty, pillowy, Italian gnocchi, and pour the cheese curds and gravy on top for a highly satisfying mealtime. If you want to know how to make the meal extra family-friendly, use our Gnocchi Stix instead of regular gnocchi and make it a Skillet Gnocchi Stix Poutine

Prepare Canadian-Italian Fusion Foods

braised beef au jus ravioli with quebec cheese
Braised Beef au jus Ravioli, Mushrooms, Maple Syrup and Québec Cheese Curds

So what happens when you take much-loved Canadian ingredients from Quebec and fuse them together with delicious pasta, steeped in the Italian tradition? The answer can be a lot of things, but one of them is this Braised Beef au jus Ravioli, Mushrooms, Maple Syrup and Québec Cheese Curds. Hearty, delicious, and truly Canadian. Well, almost!

Get yourself some tasty Matane shrimp and some Quebec asparagus, then bring some mouthwatering filled pasta to the table, and enjoy. We’re talking about this Tortelloni with Matane Shrimp and Québec Asparagus recipe that will make your Canada Day celebrations one to remember. 

Enjoy Canadian Bacon

We can’t talk about Canadian ingredients without giving Canadian bacon a mention. If you want to use Canada Day as an excuse to whip up a bacon recipe, then go ahead! How about throwing in some gnocchi too and preparing this Bacon Rosé Gnocchi?

On the other hand, you might still be thinking about how delicious and fun those stick-shaped gnocchi are that we mentioned earlier. So here’s a hot and melty meal that will have the whole household begging for more, our 3 Cheese and Bacon Loaded Baked Gnocchi Stix.

bacon rose gnocchi
Bacon Rosé Gnocchi

Here, at Olivieri®, we’ve got a world of bacon recipes for all you bacon lovers!

Have a Picnic

One thing we all love about Canada Day is that it gives us something to celebrate in summer. What could be better than a celebratory atmosphere on a hot and sunny day beneath the bright blue sky? Such days allow us to prepare a few tantalizing treats and have a picnic with friends and family in the local park.

When it comes to picnics, the best types of food to bring are often finger foods and handheld snacks. Not only are they easy to pack in a picnic basket, but they also don’t require cutlery and can be eaten freely and easily by everyone. An ideal option is to make these Skillet Gnocchi Antipasto Bites

With snacks like these, you’ll be sure to make it a picnic to remember!

Host a Canada Day Party or BBQ

Why not bring the party to your home? You can do so by throwing a Canada Day BBQ party. Think of all those delicious meat treats sizzling over hot coal. Imagine the smell of all the delicious smoky food as it cooks. Picture how happy everyone is to be there!

Do you know what pairs deliciously well with a hot sizzling sausage straight off the BBQ grill? A tasty serving of gnocchi, and the proof is in this One Skillet Gnocchi & Sausage Supper. Aside from sausages, other BBQ meat treats such as wings, burgers, and spare ribs, also make a highly satisfying accompaniment to gnocchi.

One Skillet Gnocchi & Sausage
One Skillet Gnocchi & Sausage Supper

If you have a swimming pool, why not up the ante with your BBQ and turn it into a Canada Day pool party?

Watch the Fireworks Display 

However you spend Canada Day, be sure to go and watch the fireworks display. For the kids, this is often their favourite part of the day. If they’re hungry, a sure way to keep them smiling is with these Churro Style Gnocchi Bites, which you can also prepare as an on-the-go snack.

For more meal inspiration, come and join us in our kitchen.