Are you sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions? Like many of us, you may have promised to change your eating habits this year. While you might think that’s no easy feat, especially when preparing meals for the family, think again! With Olivieri®, we’re delighted to share a range of impressive meals with nutritious ingredients. Simple, flavourful, delicious, and full of goodness, learn some new recipes that will help to make your start to the year both satisfying and rich in nutrients. 

Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

Pasta dishes needn’t be limited to a typical cooked pasta with some tomato sauce. Likewise, hearty pasta dishes don’t have to rely on meat for their richness. By bringing some veggies to the table and knowing the suitable recipes, you can prepare nutritious meals that are also vegetarian-friendly. 

A prime example of a fantastic vegetarian pasta recipe is this Roasted Zucchini Lasagna. Not only is it just as tantalizing as its meaty counterpart, but this meat-free lasagna rendition also packs a punch of sweetness from the zucchini. Don’t be surprised if you’re a meat lover but prefer this vegetarian lasagna to the original. 

Pepper and Onion Pesto Medley

Another vegetarian option, but one for pesto lovers, is this Pepper and Onion Pesto Medley. The great thing about this tasty and nutritious combo is that you can add it as a side dish to many other recipes. Try placing it beside some chicken and experience what a great meal accompaniment it truly is.

Asparagus Recipes

The nutritious properties of asparagus make it a popular ingredient for those looking to add some greens to meals. So what happens when you combine it with some of Olivieri’s high-quality Italian-inspired ingredients? Let’s find out.

Blend cuisine from Italy with ingredients from Quebec, and what do you get? This Tortelloni Matane Shrimp and Quebec Asparagus recipe. With garlic, thyme, balsamic vinegar, and Parmesan cheese on top, there’s no shortage of flavours to dazzle your taste buds. 

What is the difference between tortellini and tortelloni?

You would be forgiven for thinking they’re the same thing, but despite their similarity in appearance, they are in fact different. Here’s how:

  • For a start, tortelloni are larger. 
  • Secondly, they’re not quite as delicate as their little sibling, tortellini. 
  • Finally, tortelloni is a filled pasta that usually contains vegetable ingredients, while tortellini normally has a meat-based interior.
Cheese Filled Skillet Gnocchi with Lemon, Ricotta and Asparagus

If you haven’t already tried the gnocchi and asparagus combo, make sure you don’t miss out. With this Cheese Filled Skillet Gnocchi with Lemon, Ricotta and Asparagus recipe, you’ll be kicking yourself for not having such a culinary delight sooner. 

Moving on to one for the linguine lovers, especially those looking for extra veggies to add to their meals. Try your hand at this Asparagus and Red Pepper Linguine, whether you’re looking for your next main or a stylish side. 

Nutritious Recipes with Gnocchi

Looking for a gnocchi dish with a nutritious twist? We’ve got you covered. If there are any sprouts left over after Christmas dinner, you’re in luck. Why? It means you’ve got the perfect opportunity to prepare this Cheese Gnocchi with Bacon and Brussels Sprouts recipe. 

Or how about putting a tasty blend of vibrant vegan ingredients into an Asian-inspired bowl for a nutritious burst of flavours? Get exactly that and more in this Skillet Gnocchi Vegan Buddha Bowl, a dish that will make you ask, ‘Nutritious, delicious, what’s the difference?’

Skillet Gnocchi Vegan Buddha
Skillet Gnocchi Vegan Buddha Bowl

Aside from all the nutritious properties it boasts, salmon is also delicious and pairs well with a lot of ingredients. Try baking it in the oven before enjoying it with drizzles of olive oil and lemon juice, accompanied by basil leaves, sun-dried tomatoes, and spinach. If this Baked Salmon and Skillet Gnocchi sounds too good to resist, maybe it is.

Family Dinner Ideas with Nutritious Ingredients

Could this be the recipe for your family’s next favourite dish? Our Spinach Ravioli with Sausage & Mushrooms tastes just as great as it looks, is hearty and comforting, and is a true crowd-pleaser. 

But when the family is together, especially on movie night, what better to snack on than a tasty dip? This Skillet Gnocchi Stix with Guacamole Dip can be enjoyed as an appetizer, a side dish, or even a main course. Ideal for sharing, get the recipe and then get dipping.

For more meal inspiration and recipe ideas, come and find us in our kitchen, where we regularly take a look at the latest culinary trends, tips, tricks, and techniques.