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Servings 2
Cooking time 8

Skillet Gnocchi Stix Poutine

Ready in minutes, you can enjoy our tasty twist on a Canadian classic anytime a craving arises.

Servings 2 to 4
Cooking time 5

Lemon Maple Skillet Gnocchi Salad

Gnocchi ‘croutons’ add a unique texture and flavour to this salad and make it something extra special for an unforgettable meal!

Servings 2
Cooking time 5

Skillet Gnocchi Stix with Smokey Hummus Dip

Pair this wholesome chickpea dip with Gnocchi Stix and fresh cut veggies for a nutritious lunch or snack.

Servings 2-4
Cooking time 10

Eggs Benedict with Skillet Gnocchi Stix

Are you ready to make an eggs benedict dish that the whole family will love? With Olivieri® Gnocchi Stix, avocado and more, you’ve got it!

Servings 2
Cooking time 5

Skillet Gnocchi Stix with Guacamole Dip

Nothing beats a bowl of freshly prepared guacamole, except having our delicious Gnocchi Stix on the side for dipping.

Skillet Mac n Cheese Bacon Gnocchi w Broccoli
Servings 4 to 6
Cooking time 10

Skillet Mac and Cheese Bacon Gnocchi with Broccoli

Life needs balance and every week should have a treat! This can be prepared in minutes, satisfies cravings and has wholesome broccoli.

Servings 3 to 4
Cooking time 12

Quick Garlic Shrimp with Skillet Gnocchi

Serve this speedy and indulgent skillet supper with a simple tossed green salad to complete a delicious meal.

Servings 4
Cooking time 20

Loaded Bacon and Egg Breakfast Skillet Gnocchi

Try this one-pan breakfast fry up with bacon, eggs and gnocchi for a yummy way to start the day! Perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner too.

Servings 2
Cooking time 15

Skillet Gnocchi Carbonara

This one-pan Gnocchi Carbonara recipe delivers delicious Italian flavours in every bite. Made with bacon and cheese, a fit in every kitchen!

Servings 4
Ready in 15

Alfredo Gnocchi with Crumbled Blue Cheese

Treat your family to the ultimate comfort food with this creamy Alfredo Gnocchi and Crumbled Blue Cheese. Simple and delicious!

Servings 2
Cooking time 10

Skillet Gnocchi with Rapini and Pancetta

A winning combination of flavours, this quick and easy one-pan dinner with gnocchi with rapini and pancetta is perfect for busy nights.

Servings 2
Cooking time 8

Skillet Gnocchi Poutine

This Delicious Skillet Gnocchi Poutine is a true crowd-pleaser – perfect for potlucks or even a cozy dinner at home!

Servings 4
Ready in 15

Beef Ravioli with Chunky Tomato Basil Sauce

Get the Beef Ravioli with Chunky Tomato Basil Sauce recipe – serve it up tonight and watch it become a new family favourite.

Servings 6 to 8
Ready in 30

Fresh Mozzarella & Tomato Crostini

This classic recipe for fresh mozzarella and tomato crostini on garlic bread is the perfect (and easy!) dish to start off the evening.

Servings 4
Cooking time 5

Chicken, Bacon & Cheese Sacchettini in Basil & Cheese Pesto

A simple recipe packed with all the flavour of our delicious Chicken & Bacon Sacchettini. A quick, authentic recipe that is sure to please!