Olivieri® Italia Porcini, Chanterelle Mushroom With Asiago Grande Girasoli

Bring authentic Italian taste to your table with fresh and filled pasta made in Italy. Olivieri® Big Girasoli are generously filled with Asiago cheese and wild Porcini and Chanterelle mushrooms that have been lightly sautéed in butter and onions, with parsley and garlic.

– Product of Italy.

– High quality flour with the ideal percentage of protein content to deliver silky thin pasta.

– Made with fresh raw materials that are cooked and processed in-house. The filling is prepared and used à la minute.

– No preservatives, No artificial flavours or colours. Non-GMO ingredients.

– Made with cage free eggs.

Starting with traditional pasta ingredients like durum wheat semolina and cage free eggs, the dough is rolled into thin sheets, perfect for filling to perfection. Shaped like Grande Girasoli, or large sunflowers in Italian, you can add a sophisticated touch to all of your meals with Olivieri® Italia Porcini, Chanterelle Mushroom With Asiago Grande Girasoli.

With a short cook time of only 5-6 minutes, these fresh Grande Girasoli are perfect for a fun family-friendly dinner or for impressing any important dinner guests. Toss lightly with a simple sauce of olive oil and Parmesan cheese or coat generously with one of our fresh pasta sauces. Pairing perfectly with both tomato and oil-based sauce try a classic marinara sauce or Olivieri® Basil and Cheese Pesto for a lighter touch.

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Available Sizes

250 g

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