Got plans for May Long Weekend? Having a much-needed break from work is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones. What better way to mark the occasion than by preparing a special meal for all to enjoy?

Whether you’re thinking of a big breakfast, loveable lunch, delicious dinner, or some satisfying snacks to go with movie night, Olivieri® has something for all times of day. Let us guide you through our Recipes to Celebrate May Long Weekend so you can make memorable mealtimes this May. We’ll finish off by showing you how to make a delectable dessert. 

Lasagna Recipes

Let’s begin with lasagna recipes. Why? Lasagna is so often a family favourite, but all too often, opportunities to turn this much-loved classic into something unique are overlooked. The classic style lasagna is, of course, always a great option, but what other culinary avenues can you explore?

Old Fashioned Lasagna

A classic style Old-fashioned Lasagna never fails. It has a hearty and nostalgic taste and texture that makes us comfortable and our taste buds equally content. Making lasagna the old way means delving into a culinary classic that has gained such status as a result of how irresistible it is. 

If you enjoy the classic style lasagna but are in need of a vegetarian alternative, get ready for your next go-to dish with this Roasted Zucchini Lasagna. We could say it’s equally delicious as its meaty counterpart, but some lasagna lovers may even prefer it in this revamped, zucchini-rich variation.

Remember that making lasagna is an art but one that anyone can master. We’re here to help if you’re interested in learning How To Make The Perfect Lasagna

Lasagna with a Twist

Moving on from the classic and into the realm of innovation, here’s what else you can do with lasagna. These Lasagna Roll-Ups with Sausage Sauce embody many of the textures and tastes of a classic lasagna, except they come with a creative cylindrical shape and a distinct flavour from the sausage sauce. 

Lasagna Roll-Ups with Sausage Sauce

Is lasagna possible without lasagna sheets? It certainly is, as this Skillet Gnocchi Meatball Lasagna Extravaganza proves. Perhaps it’s more accurate to call this dish ‘lasagna-inspired’, but with similar ingredient and texture combos, the comparison makes sense. 

What’s different about this dish, however, aside from its use of gnocchi and meatballs, is the addition of irresistible cottage cheese to add to the overall satisfaction. 

Snacks for gatherings

May Long Weekend isn’t only about big meals around the dining table. Sometimes, you just want your family to sit around together, watch something on TV, and snack away on something tasty for a memorable movie night. For such evenings, here’s what will do the trick.

A Skillet Gnocchi Stix with Bolognese dish contains the meaty and saucy flavour combo of a classic spaghetti bolognese dish, only instead of spaghetti, you’ll have the ideal sticks for dipping, twirling, and tasting. This is a family-friendly way to share a meal together, and what’s great about Gnocchi Stix is that the kids love them.

Gnocchi Stix Bolognese
Skillet Gnocchi Stix with Bolognese

There’s also a way to enjoy the flavours of pizza but as a finger food. How? By preparing these easy-to-make Gnocchi Pizza Bites. Not only are these wonderful little treats for those pizza lovers in the house, but they also work wonders with a dipping sauce, whether that’s ketchup or even Alfredo sauce.

What’s more, your gathering will undoubtedly wow your guests if you know How To Make a Tasty Gnocchi Board.


We often think of lunch or dinner as the ideal time to get the whole family together around the table, but breakfast can also be a special occasion for eating together, especially when it’s May Long Weekend and no one has to rush off to work or school.

Rarely does breakfast get as special as one with Eggs Benedict with Skillet Gnocchi Stix. This creative twist on a classic and much-loved American breakfast takes it up a notch in terms of style, presentation, and even taste. An extra flavour enhancer is the smoked salmon, making it mouthwateringly delicious.

Eggs Benedict with Skillet Gnocchi Stix

Tasty, hearty, and a unique way to enjoy fried eggs in the morning, is this Breakfast Skillet Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Pesto. If you’ve never tried pesto sauce in a breakfast recipe before, try it in this one and discover how well it works with this particular ingredient combo.


There’s always one or two at the table who crave a dessert once their main meal is out of the way. Here’s one that the whole family can share. A plate or tray of Churro-Style Gnocchi Bites gives Italian-inspired cuisine a sweet touch that makes the end of mealtime a moment to truly savour. 

For more meal inspiration, come and visit our kitchen. You’re always welcome.