Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell Olivieri® in all regions of Canada?

Olivieri products are available at most retailers across Canada. For a full list, visit our Where to Buy page.

Where in the store can I find Olivieri® products?

Olivieri® products are found in the refrigerated fresh section of most retailers across Canada.

I can’t find my favourite Olivieri® product anywhere. Is it discontinued?

Visit our Olivieri® products section to find our complete Fresh Gnocchi, Fresh Pastas and Fresh Sauce selections. You can also contact our Consumer Response Centre 1-888-821-0655 or contact us via theContact Uspage to confirm the availability of a specific product.

Can I get your product outside of Canada?

Olivieri® has limited presence outside of Canada. Please contact our Consumer Response Centre 1-888-821-0655 or contact us via theContact Uspage to find out availability in your specific country.

Do you have coupons available?

Please sign up at and follow us on our social media platforms for upcoming special offers and updates!

How long do I boil Olivieri® Pasta if it is frozen?

If you want to cook from frozen you can add one minute to normal cooking instructions.

Do I have to boil Olivieri® Lasagna Sheets before baking?

The Olivieri® lasagna sheets do NOT have to be boiled prior to cooking.

Can Olivieri® Pasta keep in the refrigerator if open?

Yes, however, the product should be used within 3 days of opening.

I left a package of sauce unopened overnight on the counter; in the pantry or in the car. It was not refrigerated so can I still use it?

Not recommended.

Can I freeze Olivieri® products?

Most Olivieri® products can be frozen before the best before date on the package. Look for the “freezable” instructions on packaging.

The product is past the best before date, can I still use it?

Not recommended.

Do you have any Gluten Free products?

Olivieri® pestos and tomato sauces do not contain ingredients with gluten. However they are made on the same lines as products containing gluten ingredients. Please refer to product packaging for detailed allergen information.

Do you have any vegan products in your portfolio?

Olivieri® classic gnocchi and tomato sauces are vegan-friendly. All other Olivieri® products are suitable for lacto-ovo-vegetarians whose diet allows plant foods plus dairy and egg.

Do you manufacture Private Label products?

Riviana Canada provides Food Service, B2B and Private Label solutions. For more information, drop us a line on ourContact Uspage.

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