Olivieri® Four Cheese Sauce

Made with real cream, this indulgent and delicious Olivieri® Four Cheese Sauce is ideal for a comforting meal. Using a bold combination of four different varieties of cheese including Romano, Parmesan, asiago and Swiss, this fresh pasta sauce will become a fast family favourite.

Ideal for a new version of macaroni and cheese or a gooey oven-baked pasta dish, use this rich sauce for a wide variety of meals or even snacks and appetizers. Use any short or long cut of pasta, potato gnocchi or even fresh and filled pastas like ravioli.

Encourage any picky eaters to eat more vegetables coated in a quality cheese sauce or top a bit of toasted garlic bread to accompany your meal. However you choose to use it, make sure you keep it refrigerated for best results. Discover more incredible recipes using fresh pasta, sauces and gnocchi with Olivieri®.

Available Sizes

300 ml

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